Goodbye, friends

Post by Zolcos ยป 2020-09-01

In the heyday of Bukkit I hosted a minecraft server Council of the Realm, a continuation of a server I had been given stewardship of called The Five Duchies started by Boots01. In December 2015, the physical server was stolen. I put a message here "Council of the Realm Temporary Emergency" briefly explaining the difficulty. In the beginning of 2020, I got the server back, but everything was so out of date I had to do a system rebuild to get things working with modern versions of the operating system. In April 2020, I finally had everything ready and set the forum back up with the old user accounts imported, then sent everyone an email that the site was back up. I explained at length what really happened, exactly why the servers had been stolen and why I hadn't been able to do much about it for so long.

I also posed the question to the community of what we should do next, whether you guys wanted me to set up a new Minecraft server, or maybe we move on from that game, get everyone together in some new games. However, after 5 months, only like 5 people have come back, and only 2 of them were enthusiastic about a reboot of the Realm. I just don't have enough enthusiasm for Minecraft to rebuild the server from that small of a group, so I'm going to shut everything down for now. It will probably be permanent, but if I ever do start a server again you will be the first to know. No matter what, still feel free to contact me directly:
  • if you want to play some other games
  • if you were not part of the initial wave of returning users and want to add your support for a new minecraft server
  • if you want to see my "welcome back" post from April 2020 where I explained in detail what really happened in 2015
  • for any other reason, I would be thrilled to hear from anyone of the old crew

My contact information:

Council of the Realm Discord
This is my name on Steam (and hotmail)
This is my name on Epic Games (and Gmail)

Download link to the old Minecraft world:

Thanks for the memories everyone. Farewell and may you find what you seek.